About Me

My Creative Endeavors

Passionate about all things art and believe that everyone has a creative side. I see things differently and creatively wherever I go. I create in several different mediums, styles and types including but not limited to: graphic design, illustration, acrylic, watercolor, paper crafting, stamping, mixed media, jewelry, and photography.

Why ButterDish Designs?

A lot of people ask about my site name, so here is the story on how the name came to be. My nickname is Dish. Growing up I was affectionately called Trish the Dish and as I got older it was shortened to simply Dish. When I met my husband, I came to find that his nickname is Butter. No, it isn’t because he is so smooth even though he likes to think that.  Ha, ha, ha. He got the nickname at work a long time ago because it was super hot one summer (isn’t it always in Arizona?) and he shaved off his hair to beat the heat. His coworkers said he looked like Butterbean the boxer and started calling him such. Well, his hair grew back and his nickname was shortened to just Butter. After we got together friends and family combined our nicknames and affectionately call us ButterDish. So there you have it, the story behind the name.

My Stampin’ Up! Gig

Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator since 2010 and I absolutely love it. I have to say it was the best decision ever. The quality and coordination of the products Stampin’ Up! has to offer are almost as amazing as the friendships I have made through the craft.


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